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                             Real time GPS tracking and monitoring system

You can logon to our tracking system 24/7 from any smart phone, computer, laptop or tablet

Our range of products are based on the latest technology using GPS/GSM (GPRS) location methods which means we can locate your vehicle typically to within 4m of its position.

  • Relax, knowing where your loved ones are
  • Get instant notification when vehicle strays from designated routes
  • Get instant over-speed alerts
  • Online stop / start engine

 What if my vehicle is hijacked or stolen?

  • Just send a STOP command and the vehicle will stop immediately


Can I conceal my tracking unit from my drivers?

Yes, our units are quite small and once installed, no one will know that there is a  tracking device fitted to the vehicle

 Where is the installation done?

  • Installation may be done at your own location
  • Or one of our recommended fitment centres nearest to you
  • takes about 1 hour

Our helpful friendly staff are always here to help you find the right solution for your asset tracking needs. 

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